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Viable Alternatives is an Idaho grown, locally owned and operated business with roots in the Kratom industry going back nearly a decade. We have been involved in Kratom sales and manufacturing since 2011, and have been personally involved in the battle to legitimize and keep Kratom legal since the inception of the American Kratom Association (AKA) in 2014.

As the development of medical benefits of CBD increases, we also support and carry a multitude of CBD products across the board. But our support for natural alternatives is not limited to just Kratom and CBD. At Viable Alternatives, we are front-line advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Idaho. Not only are we vocal in our support for medical marijuana, we have positioned ourselves to be a leading expert in the medical marijuana arena for years to come.

Currently, in order to keep Kratom legal and safe for its consumers, Kratom must be GMP packaged and lab tested by all vendors as outlined in the AKA’s
Kratom Consumer Protection Act. We have noticed that this is severely lacking in many Kratom products sold by stores in the Treasure Valley - which can be dangerous to the consumer and detrimental to keeping Kratom legal.

Our mission is simple: Provide our customers with the largest selection of the highest quality, most consistent, GMP packaged, and lab tested Kratom products on the market at the best prices possible.

A Portion of All Our Kratom Sales Will be Donated to the American Kratom Association Monthly

We also believe in supporting other local businesses who adhere to the AKA’s recommended guidelines. You will notice that many of our products come from Idaho companies such as Hush, Monarch, Third Eye, Herbal Salvation, and Viable Solutions. Companies whom we have thoroughly vetted.

We believe this is the right way to do business. Doing so guarantees you have the best and safest Kratom products possible, while also helping ensure Kratom will be legal for years to come.


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